Veg Tomato Omelet Recipe - How To Make Veg Omelet.

Mar 30, 2016 2 comments
As we hear the name of omelet, eggs come in mind. But today lets try an omelet without eggs. Today lets make omelet with besan, which is a good food stuff, and highly rich in protein.

Veg Tomato Omelet Recipe - How To Make Veg Omelet

Ingredients for Tomato Omelet:

Gram pulse - 01 cup,
Rice - 01 cup,
Chopped tomato - 02 cup,
Chopped freen onion - 01 cup
Chopped onion - 01 cup
Finely chopped coriander leaf - 01 bunch,
Finely chopped green chilli - 03 pcs.
Oil - 02 tbsp,
Salt according to taste.
Eno - 01 satche.

How to Make Tomato Omelet:

To make veg omelet, wash rice and gram pulse separately. Soak rice and pulse for 5 hours.

After this mixed both pulse and rice and make a fine paste with required water.

Now hot the pan on stove and add2 tbsp oil, get it hot.

Lets mix the chopped onion, tomato coriander, chilly and above prepared paste. Add eno also.

Now approximately 1 cup mixture pour into the pan and spred it properly and fry it from the both the sides till it gets golden brown.

You can repeat the same to make more than one or many more veg omelet.

Serve piping hot delicious omelet with favorite chutney or sauce.

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